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by Cyclocosmia

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White gown, so they saw me Without marks on me Gliding, hiding One last descent for the unclean Feet on the one-way stairway Scourge my skin Expel the sin You're beneath me Seal the shame away Avert your eyes Don't show your face Don't touch me You disgust me Funeral before they Seal away the impure Granite across the door Put out of mind what is not seen This is my tomb This is my womb Breached and judged unclean Feet on the one-way stairway Gasping, the closing airway Scourge my skin Expel the sin You're beneath me Seal the shame away Avert your eyes Don't show your face Stay outside my grave Sealed away Protect me From your impurity Dissect me For your eternity Leave my sight Seal the door Snuff the light You filthy whore
Silence never sleeps Never wakes How is it dreaming? Hand across my face Bears no feeling This shallow breathing Awake and sleeping Alive and weeping Broken and turning Frozen and burning To the earth returning Whispers and flashes Under the ashes Make these walls your home Build your heart from stone Build a temple of the damned From my bones Sit where you have earned your throne City built beneath the land From my bones From my bones Feel the stone And see me Long since past the time To free me I'm still here
A life A wall Both built to fall Back to the dust we crawl No-one to mourn or bear the pall No crow to call this waking No eyes to see me shaking The dust and the sorrow are my kin The cold and the shroud against my skin Do you remember me? Do you sleep as well as I? Do you sink into the ground as you stare into the sky? Does your mind let you forget? Do you carry all that weight? Do you still believe that love can be a greater sin than hate? Ghost of the blood you never saw The rotting face beneath your floor I still see you I still see you I will hunt you through the day, judging from the skies I own the night when you will never close your eyes Close your eyes


In Imperial Rome (from the 7th Century BC to the 3rd Century AD), the priestesses of the hearth goddess Vesta were sworn to virginity and chastity. So holy and literally untouchable were the Vestal Virgins that when one of their number was convicted of breaking their vows, strict taboos prohibited the spilling of their blood. Instead, those found guilty of temptations of the flesh were simply entombed alive.

Immured is Cyclocosmia's second original release and is due out in January 2017 as a digital-only EP. It features vocals (both clean and growled) from New Zealand/Greek vocalist Aliki Katriou, and follows the demise of one such priestess, from her sadness, her rage at the prosecutor, her descent into insanity and her vows for supernatural revenge. Musically, Immured builds on the progressive elements present in Deadwood, with a 17-minute single-track structure in four movements, unusual scales and time signatures, whilst keeping to Cyclocosmia's core sound of lush symphonics, crushing metal power and an atmosphere of melancholy and darkness.


released January 27, 2017

Female Vocals - Aliki Katriou
Male Vocals and other instruments - James Scott
Music and Lyrics by James Scott


all rights reserved



Cyclocosmia London, UK

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